Friday, April 1, 2011

Vincent's new wheels

Yesterday I went and picked up Vincent's wheelchair. It is so little and cute and yet so big and inconvenient to get into the car. He really doesn't mind sitting in it. The physical therapist said to use the wheelchair in place of the stroller because the wheelchair will help strengthen his core and he will be less likely to get scoliosis. The stroller was so easy to put in and pull out of the car. But the wheelchair, I have to take off both back wheels, take the back seat and the handles off. Fold the arms down, then lift it all up in the trunk. And there is no way anything else will fit in the trunk with it. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful we finally got the wheelchair, I just hope it gets a little easier. Vincent sure is cute sitting in his chair though.


LT aka Laura aka Lil La said...

That is the cutest lil wheelchair! He looks so happy:))). I agree you need the minivan, one with a wheelchair ramp. My gpa was a quadriplegic and always had the sweetest vans, even a brown one with a lift that looked totally A Team;).

Melody and Lance said...

What a cutie bug! Pain in the butt though ... you'd think they could make them fold up easier or something... knowing its for a little kid. It is Cute! He looks so teeny in it, makes me smile <3
Sorry to hear about the seizures again.

Ranch Mom said...

Every now and again I check your blog to see how your family is doing and what you are up to. It would be nice to see you some time.

I felt bad for Vincent reading about his hearing test. Poor guy. I'm glad he got the wheelchair even thought it is a pain for mom getting it into the car.

James Payne