Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hearing test

Vincent had an appointment last Tuesday at Primary Children's Hospital to get his hearing tested. Obviously it's not going to be like the kind of hearing test you take in elementary school where you put on the head phones and you raise your hand ever time you hear the beep. So with kids like Vincent they have to sedate them and put these crazy looking things on his head to read the sound waves.

Every time I have every had to take Vincent or Whitney in to get sedated for something they always say you can't feed them anything after midnight and then only clear liquids until 6 AM. With Vincent it's not as bad but with Whitney I always just wanted to cry. Here she was not even 10lbs and she was fed through the night with a feeding pump and then every two hours when she was awake and I was suppose to starve her. She was not happy at all. Vincent has a little more meat on his bones so he does a little bit better, but not much.

I fed Vincent 8oz formula on Monday night at 9:30PM and then 8oz of clear pedialite at 6AM Tuesday morning. I was suppose to be at the appointment at 8:30. So far so good, Vincent was a pretty happy kid and didn't seem to be to hungry or upset...yet. We were taken back into our room and the nurse comes in to get Vincent's vitals...oh boy. This kid hates being poked and prodded anyways and now that it's over due for him to eat he's getting pretty irritated with this nurse. She was able to get his temperature and that was it. And the only reason she was able to get it was because I had to hold his arms, legs and head still (yeah, I'm that good).

Finally the doctor comes in to tell me how the test is going to work and lets me know that they don't like to put kids under general sedation (which is what they used when Vincent got his feeding tube) because there are more risks with that so they only use it if they absolutely have to. She also told me they can't use the normal sedation they usually use for this procedure because of Vincent adrenal problems. They are going to give him a liquid sedative (doctors words, not mine) "We hope this stuff with make him drowsy enough that he will fall sleep so the test will read correctly. If he moves to much then it wont work. Some times it can take 15 minutes up to an hour to kick in and start working. If it doesn't start working after an hour we'll give him another dose and see if that helps." By this time it's just after 10AM. He got the meds and it took about 30 minutes of him rolling all over the bed and him being so upset for him to finally fall asleep into a deep enough sleep that the doctor could connect all the wires with out waking him back up again.

Once everything was hooked up it's just after 11 and they start the test. Everything was going good, Vincent was sleeping and not moving to much and after about 40 minutes into the test Vincent starts to wake up. The nurse that is in the room asked the doctor if she should give him another dose of the meds. But by the time she is back in the room Vincent was wide awake and very mad. She gives him the meds and now he's just mad, hungry and tired, which isn't a good combination for anyone. He pulled all the cords off and took the blood pressure cuff off. It was actually kind of funny how good he was able to remove everything.

After an hour of trying to get him back to sleep I finally asked the nurse if I could just feed him a little formula. I told her he would probably settle down and go back to sleep if he had some food in him. She told me no. 10 minutes later the doctor said that I will just have to bring him back another day and have him put under general sedation with an IV. Lovely, I get to do this all over again. She did give me the okay to feed him at 12:30PM and she went to get his discharge papers so we could leave. Right after I fed him he settled right down and before we even left the parking lot (which was just after 1PM) he was asleep. He slept until 10 PM that night and then was up until 2AM the next morning. Thankfully he has a feeding tube and I can feed him while he's asleep so that way he doesn't have to go with out a meal or get woken up to eat.

We are scheduled to go again next month and do it all over again but with better sedatives. Wish me luck.


amber schmidt said...

Dang! That sounds awful!!! Poor guy. Hopefully next time won't be so bad and take as long!

Melody and Lance said...

O what a horrible experience!! I think I would've kicked the doc & nurses! Don't they know kids don't exactly cooperate ... especially when they've had you starve them?! Then they just tell you to come back another time? Ugh how irritating. Poor Vince! Hope he gave them a piece of his mind.
Good luck next time :D

Holly said...

Poor Vincent AND YOU!! I say it's Trav's turn next time! Bahaha!! Love you guys! ((HUGS))

Jessica said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that! Poor Vincent. I hope it goes better next time.