Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St. George

We love going to St. George on vacation and we needed to take a vacation very badly.  The weather was nice and hot, just the way I like it.  We did lots of shopping, swimming and a bunch of nothing.  It was wonderful.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

We like to party!

Later that evening we went over to my parents and celebrated all of the May birthdays.

 Then on Sunday we celebrated on Travis' side of the family. 

Then on Tuesday (Vincent's actual birthday) we got him a pie with lots of whip cream and let him go at it.  He didn't really know what to do with it but he got really messy.
The following day we went to the Salt Lake Bees baseball game.  It was perfect weather and we went with some friends and had a great time.  We've had lots of fun celebrating and we are so happy to have Vincent in our family and we hope to be able to have many more birthdays with him.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Conference Weekend

A few weeks ago Travis had his friend Don come and stay with us for a few days.  He is from the Philippines but has lived in the states for about 3 years now but he hadn't ever been to Utah and always wanted to visit.  Don came over General Conference weekend.  Travis and Don meet in the mission field and because Travis knew Don was going to be here Travis set up a mission reunion that turned out great. We had another friend that was so kind and willing to make a lot of Filipino food for us.   She is an amazing cook and everyone enjoyed the food. The next day on Saturday Travis took Don to some of the temples around where we live.  There are 3 temples that are all very close and Don couldn't believe how close they were and how many churches they passed.
Draper Temple
  Church right across the street from the Draper Temple
 Oquirrh Mountain Temple
 Jordan River Temple
We really are blessed were we live to have so many temples and churches this close to us.  When they got home we all went to down town Salt Lake and we walked around the new mall City Creek and then walked around Temple Square.  We were able to go into a few of the church museums and walk around the Salt Lake Temple grounds.  While we were there we meet another couple that were from California and they were also from the Philippines. Travis had gotten 5 tickets for the Sunday morning session of conference but we only needed 4.  So I gave up my ticket so we would have two extra and we gave them to this other couple that we meet. They were so excited to be able to go. We also ran into two sister missionaries.One was from the Philippines and the other was from Canada.  After talking with them for a few minutes we found out that the sister from Canada had a brother that Travis served with in the Philippines.  Small world.  It was such a fun weekend and I was reminded of all the blessings that I take for granted each day.
Cute little Vincent had kind of a hard day.  It was pretty windy and I think the wind and the heat didn't mix well.  He threw up once on the temple grounds and then another time all over me in one of the museums.  But even with all the throw up it was still a pretty nice day.
Here is a link to all of the talks that were given during conference.  http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2012/04?lang=eng

Monday, April 16, 2012


We had a great Easter this year.  We were able to spend all day Saturday filled with family fun.  Saturday morning we got together with Travis' mom side of the family.  Every year we get together for an Easter picnic with all of the Aunts and uncles and lots of cousins.  I look forward to this every year.  The kids had an Easter egg hunt and got lots of candy and bubbles.

  It was such a nice day and fun to see the kids be able to run around out side and play in the sun.  After we cleaned up from there we headed right over to my parents for an Easter BBQ dinner.  My sister and I put on a little egg hunt for the kids as well.  But I think they were more excited about being able to swim in the pool for the first time this year.
I wasn't brave enough to get in this time but maybe next time.  Then on Sunday we went to church and heard wonderful talks and lessons about our Savior and his sacrifices for each of us.  I'm grateful that because of my Savior we can be an eternal family and be with our sweet little Whitney again.  I know my Savior died and that he lives and that he loves me.  I'm grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever and that this life is not the end that we too will be resurrected.

Monday, January 23, 2012

So smart

Vincent loves his bouncer chair. When ever I put him in it the right way he turns himself upside down in it. He likes his face to be closer to the toys. He can get in and out of it so well. He is so smart.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Class pictures

Today I got Vincents class picture.  Vincents smile totally made my day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mexican Riviera Cruise

Last week my parents took us on a Mexican Riviera Cruise and even though there are a ton of pictures, for now this one sums up the week.  We all had so much fun.  I know I haven't posted anything for a while but I promise I will post more pictures of our cruise soon.  My dad emailed this picture to me today and I just love how big Vincent's smile is.  I had to share it.