Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am kind of behind on my blog and I thought it would just be easier to only do one big post for the whole month of December.

To start the month off our friends got a suite to the Utah Grizzlies hockey game and invited us go to. Vincent really enjoyed the lights and loud noises. And I enjoyed the food, company and bottomless popcorn.

I don't know anyone in this picture but if you look close you can see a guy with a bright green mohawk. The game was full of crazies, it was fun.

Vincent went to his first feeding appointment in December. Feeding Vincent is a lot of work on my part and Vincent doesn't really enjoy it all that much. We are trying to see what kinds of foods he likes and doesn't like. We know that he doesn't really like sugary/sweet things but seems to like salty/sour things more. He doesn't eat enough to every get full but it's more just to let him taste things and to get him use to having food in his mouth. He has been to a few appointments so far. So far Vincent tasted a cheddar chip, puffy cheeto, yogurt melts and berry apple sauce. He really doesn't like anything except the yogurt melts, which I just found out that he isn't suppose to eat any kind of dairy products so I will need to find something else he likes. I am suppose to take him every week for the next few months. We'll see how it goes and I'll keep updating about it.

My mother in law was able to get tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert with David Archuleta and Michael York. She took us 3 girls girls that live in town and we had so much fun and I am so glad I was able to go.

In the middle of the month Vincent got a new feeding tube placed. I didn't take a picture of his fist one but I do have a picture of Whitney with hers and it's pretty much the same. I was not happy with the new change at first but now that he's had it for a while it seems to be getting better.
I love how big her diaper looks on her little body. That is the smallest size you can get too.
This is the new tube called a button. It's always a little tricky to feed Vincent but at least with this one he can't open it and spill the milk out from his stomach right after I feed him.

On Christmas Eve we started a new tradition. Christmas day is always pretty busy and we travel to go see all of the family so we thought it would be nice to spend Christmas Eve just with our little family. We ordered take out and laid out a blanket in the living room so we could eat while Vincent played on the floor and after we ate we drove around to look at the Christmas lights. We were thinking about going to Temple Square but Vincent hates the cold so we thought it would be more enjoyable to just see the lights from inside the warm car.

On Christmas I didn't get any pictures because I left my camera at home but we were able to spend the whole day with family and had a great day.

We also were able to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. Travis had booked a little get away in Bear Lake but it snowed really bad on the day we were suppose to leave and the roads to get there were closed unless you had chains on your tires. Our car doesn't even have 4wheel drive so I called the place and they said that we could reschedule for another time. So I made a nice dinner and we just ate and then dropped Vincent off at my mother in laws and Travis and I went to the movies. And of course I only took a picture of the food. Ham, home made rolls with honey butter, mashed potatoes, cream corn, pistachio pudding and grape juice.

Then to end the year off with a bang, for New Years Eve we were invited to go to Noah's. They had roof top ice skating, a theater room and a racket ball court and lot of great food. We had so much fun and even Vincent almost stayed awake until midnight.


bshreeve said...

Vincent's smile in the Christmas Eve picture is so cute.

Melody and Lance said...

Looks like a fun december. I can't believe how much more like your family Vince is looking to me. (Ree's fam)

Shane Shreeve said...

What is Noah's?

Adam and Brittany said...

Love that you guys stayed home just the 3 of you on Christmas Eve...sometimes we get so caught up in going to see all the family, we don't take time to be with just our small little families. Good idea, I'll have to do that next year!