Monday, September 12, 2011


Then we went camping with some friends in northern Utah.  It was really hot and no shade.  Luckily our friends had a trailer with a/c so that was nice to put the kids in there when they took a nap.  There were hot spots there that we went swimming in.  They were so nice and warm.  Vincent loved it because it was like bath water.  One of the days the boys went golfing while the girls talked and the kids played/took naps.  We borrowed a tent big enough to put Vincent's pack and play in which was really nice.

The next time we went camping we took our own tent and it's a lot smaller than the one we used before.  We thought it would be okay not having the pack in play for Vincent to sleep in but we were totally wrong.  I think we are going to need to buy a bigger tent. We went up the canyon and it was beautiful weather.  I always enjoy just sitting by the fire.  We were really close to a lake so we walked around there in the morning.

Both time that we went camping with friends they invited us so thank you so much (you know who you are) for letting us come with you.

Our last camp out for the year was over Labor Day weekend.  We went with my Dad and some of his friends and their families.  We went up to Christmas Meadows in the Unitas.  We made new friends and had so much fun.  Travis and I didn't have a fishing license but we did have fun in my dads kayak on the lake.   Vincent didn't sleep very well this camping trip but at least he was happy during the day, who needs sleep anyways :)

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