Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My brother and his wife had a baby a few months ago.  My parents were going to drive out to see the new little guy and asked if Vincent and I wanted to come or I might have invited my self but either way it was a fun short little trip.  We stayed at my uncles the first night.  He's always making something cool for my dad to put around his yard.  This time he made him a windmill that looked amazing.  
The next day we went to church with my brother where he blessed his baby.  My oldest brother and his wife were there too.  The rest of the day we were at my brothers house playing games, singing, eating and laughing.  It was so fun to have nothing to do and just relax with everyone.  Thanks for letting us all be crazy at your house.
The following day we went to Huntington Beach.  It was overcast so it wasn't to hot and the waves were 6+ ft high and the water was actually pretty warm.  It was so much fun.  My little brother and I had a ton of fun jumping the waves.  Thanks to my parents for watching Vincent while I got to play.  Vincent liked the water but didn't like the sand.  It's hard to have one with out the other at the beach.  So he played in the water for a while and loved it and then got sand in his eyes and was done.   I'm so glad Vincent does well in car rides and I'm so glad my dad has a truck big enough to hold us all.

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Robyn said...

It looks like Vincent had a fun time!