Monday, March 16, 2009

A day at the Zoo

Today Vincent and I went to the Zoo with my sister-in-law Robyn and her little girl Lilly. It was the perfect weather too. We had a great time and Vincent was so good and loved being outside.

We saw this Gorilla thump on his chest. It was so cool.

We rode on the Train. Vincent wasn't to happy at first but once it started moving he didn't mind it.

At the end of the day Vincent was all worn out and fell asleep on the way home. (He woke up right after I took this picture because of the flash)


Robyn said...

You are fast!!! Lilly cried when she woke up in the car to find that you and Vincent were gone. She bawled all the way from 106th to our house saying, "I don't want to go home". Guess she had too much fun with you!

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

looks like fun!

Linette Smith said...

what a fun blog--i'm a blog stalker. Linette Smith (dallas's mom)