Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a Sunday we had

I just have to share what happened at church last Sunday. Vincent slept most of the first two hours of classes and then when we got into sacrament he woke up. When we were singing the opening hymn he stared to get a little fussy so I took him out of his car seat and he was trying to stand on my lap and then he just stared smiling which made Travis and I start to laugh a little. Then Vincent started to laugh and I couldn't even sing I was laughing so hard. It was so cute to see him that happy. I wish I could have recorded him smiling and laughing for you. It was so cute. A little bit later Vincent needed his diaper changed so Travis said he would change him. He came back and Vincent was wrapped up in a blanket from the waist down and Travis was very eager to give him to me. I took him and saw that he didn't have any pants on and right then Travis goes look at this. He pulls his pants out of the ball that they were in and they had poop all over them. Then I looked closer at his onesie and he had poop on it too. It was pretty funny. Vincent didn't seem to mind. We just kept the blanket over his lower half so he wouldn't get cold and luckily church was almost over. It was quite an eventful sacrament meeting.

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amber schmidt said...

haha! I swear Cole had a blowout every Sunday for the first 6 months!! I kept his I luv NY onesie with me always so if he had a blowout we'd just put him in that. Our ward probably thought he just really loved NY!