Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Month Check Up/Shreeve update

Yesterday was Vincent's two month check up. He is now 10 1/2 weeks old. He weighs 10.12 lbs (7 percentile) and is 23.82 in long (66 percentile). Yesterday Vincent and I went to look at the floats that are going to be in a parade on the 24Th. They were so amazing. There was a lot of time and work put into them. Then Vincent has his doctors appointment and after that we did a little shopping. Then that night my mother-in-law watched Vincent so Travis and I could go to the movies. We had free tickets to go see The Incredible Hulk. We both really liked it. On our way home Travis' mom called us and asked how close we were to see if she had enough time to walk around the block again. I told her about 10 minutes away and then asked if Vincent was being fussy. (usually when Vincent is fussy, if you take him in the stroller for a walk he is just fine) She goes "no he just loves his walks" When we got there they were just getting back from their walk (who knows how many times they went around the block). It was nice to be able to get out and go on a date, but it's always nice to come home and see my cute little boy.


Spencer & Tori Beesley said...

Hi Amy! Of course I remember who you are. Tara is so lucky to have you for a sister in law. Your little guy is adorable.

I know I'm very excited about my new sewing machine. I can't wait to start using it.

Keep in touch.

The Scott Family said...

Tyler and I went out for our anniversary last night. I wish I could say I was excited to get home to my brood, but I wish we could have staid out longer. I guess that's the difference between having 1 kid and 4. ;)

JLMartin said...

Angel and Angela are both engaged and getting married 6 days apart!