Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trip to Mexico

My parents were kind enough to take Vincent and I (they would have taken Travis but he couldn't get off work) on a Cruise to Mexico this last February. This was my first time going to Mexico and on a Cruise. I had a lot of fun. It would have been better if Travis was there but I still managed to enjoy myself. We drove to CA on a Friday and drove all day to my brothers. A BIG thanks to him and his wife for letting all of us stay with them. There was 8 of us staying with them. They kicked both of their kids out of their rooms so we could completely take over. It was very kind of them. Then the next morning we drove to the port. It was snowing in San Diego too. I had left snowy stormy Utah to snowy stormy CA? I was just praying for some sun in Mexico. By the time we loaded on the ship it stopped snowing but it was a little cold. Once the boat took off I started to feel sick so my step mom gave me this little motion sickness patch and it was amazing. This is me giving them the thumbs up that I was feeling better with the patch.
We stopped at 3 different cities in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. We did lots of shopping at all 3 stops. And it was nice to get off the boat now and then.

This was our first formal night.
I have always heard that the food on a Cruise ships is the best part but I think that is only true if you are willing to try, or if you already like weird foods. Don't get me wrong the food I did have was wonderful but you have more options if you like seafood and since I don't like seafood most of the menu was out for me. But I did try some of my dad's lobster and crab legs and I'm still not a fan of either but at least I tried them. Their desserts however are a whole different story. They had so many wonderful options one night my little brother ordered multiple desserts and I sampled them all with him. One night on the ship they had a dessert feast and you could eat as much as you wanted. Not only did everything taste amazing but it looked wonderful too.

This is the whole crew except for my dad because he is the one taking the picture.
Second formal night with my parents.
There were two different pools that you would pick from. I guess our ship was one of the smaller ships according to my little brothers, but I thought it was big. There was so much to do and yet so much time to just relax. I was able to read, my brothers taught me how to play chess using a giant chess board. We went to lots of different shows, I went to a cooking class and to the movies, got a tan, which is now completely gone. I really had a great time and Vincent was just amazing. I was able to take him with me everywhere I went. We all got a little motion sickness the very last day because we had taken our patches off and didn't put new ones one since we only had one full day left. By the end of the night I wanted to throw up I was so sick. So next time I will make sure to put on a new patch even if it's just for one day. I can't wait to go on another one with Travis. I know he would enjoy it.

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Melody and Lance said...

That looks awesome Ree. I am salivating just looking at all those desserts! Glad you had fun ...& more glad your tan is gone ;)