Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Vincent was able to go to Grandma Shreeve's work to show off his costume at the school Halloween parade. I also took Vincent to Boo at the Zoo with some friends. I have pictures on my phone but I can't find the cord to down load the pictures. So you might not every get to see them. But I did take some pictures of Vincent in his costume that he looks so cute in. Saturday night we also went with the same friends and took our little ones trick or treating to a few houses in their neighbor hood. It was fun and Travis and I got to eat Vincent's candy so it was great.

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Adam and Brittany said...

He looks so cute all dressed up! Adam has eaten all of Kadence's good candy, I have her pumpkin bag put away so she doesn't see it all day, and I catch her daddy sneaking in to get a little treat all the time.