Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Happiest Place On Earth

My dad was going to go to California to pick up some stuff from his brothers house and since he had two extra seat belts I invited myself and Vincent and we hitched a ride. It was my dad and his sister and then my little brother and then Vincent and I. We stayed at my uncles for the first few days. I hadn't seen my aunt and uncle for a really long time and it was great spending time with them. I always love it when my dad and his brother get together and talk about their child hood and about all the crazy things they did. Then we went to my brothers and got together with my moms side of the family. Some of them I hadn't seen since I got married so it was a lot of fun talking and laughing. Then my dad, little brother, Vincent and I went to Disneyland. We were like the second car in the parking lot, it was awesome. My brother and his family joined us later that day and we all just played at Disneyland and California Adventure. We were able to get a handicap pass for Vincent so we didn't have to wait in line but since we went on a Monday we didn't really even need the pass because we pretty much walked on every ride with no wait. Vincent had so much fun and loved the rides with the lights and the loud music. Disneyland is the main reason I miss CA. My family had annual passes when we lived there and I don't think I could ever get sick of that place. Thanks Dad for letting us come with you we had a great time.
Note: We took so many pictures that I am not able to post all of them on this post. If you want to view more pictures you can see them on Facebook under my photos.


Genevieve Beck said...

I love to hear fellow Disneyland fans! It sounds like a great time. We're excited to take our kids right before Timothy turns three (get them both in free!).

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

Holy cow I have like the broadest shoulders in that picture. I have like man shoulders!

Oh well. We had a great time. can't wait until you decide to come again!