Monday, August 9, 2010

July has come and gone

So I totally let July go by with out any post. There was a lot that went on but I was to busy, or lazy to write about it. So instead of getting even more behind on my blogging I will just start with what has happened this last week and will eventually write about the month of July. This last week has been a fun and busy one. On Monday we had some friends over for dinner and had planned on playing games, but we only had time to play on game of clue. Not because we didn't have enough time but because we were talking laughing and so much through the game. It was a lot of fun. On Tuesday Travis and I went down with the youth and other leaders in our ward to Temple square for a scavenger hunt. Vincent was happy because we were out side most of the time and he got to just sit in his stroller. Then on Wednesday I went out with some of my sister in laws and my mother in law for Travis' sisters birthday. I love having a girls night every once in a while. Travis had to pick up some bounce houses (we had some crazy weather on Wednesday) so I took Vincent and as always he was very well behaved.
Then on Thursday Travis had a work party at Boondocks.

My mother in law watch Vincent for us so we could have a day to ourselves. We were able to ride the go karts, mini golf, arcades, laser tag. It was a great day. Then on Friday Travis got tickets from his work to go to the Bee's game. We had extra tickets so we invited my family to go with us. We didn't take Vincent with us because we were pretty sure it was going to rain, and we were right. It was just off and on but I don't think he would have enjoyed it. Thanks again to my mother in law for watching him. Then on Saturday I went to lunch with my other sister in law that was in town from Texas and we did a little shopping. Then that night Travis, Vincent and I went to the drive in. Vincent slept through the first movie and then started getting upset at the start of the second movie so I got him out of his car seat and just let him sit on my lap and he pretty much watched the whole movie. The last 20 minutes he laid on Travis' lap. It was pretty cute. Then on Sunday it was Travis' sisters birthday and she invited us over for a BBQ. The weather was so nice that we were able to go outside and play bocce ball. I use to play that game all the time when I would go to my grandmas. I haven't played it in such a long time. It brought back great memories. Now we have another week ahead of us, but I don't think we will be as busy so I should be able to post again this week.

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Melody and Lance said...

O my goodness I had almost given up even checking your blog ;D
Glad to hear you've been so busy and having such fun. Especially since summer is almost gone!! :( Boondocks looks like fun ... I've never been but everytime I drive by we say we're gonna go there :D
Can't wait to read about your next week ... give Vincent a kiss from me!