Monday, August 16, 2010

Cakes by Amy

Last year I took a cake class and really enjoyed what I learned. I haven't really made that many cakes and the ones I have made are far from perfect but they are fun to make.

I made this first one before I took the class. This was for Vincent's first birthday.

This is the fist cake I made in class.

Second cake made in class.

Last cake I made in class.

This is a cake I made to practice for Vincent's 2nd birthday. I gave this one to my friends husband on his birthday.

This one was for Vincent's 2nd birthday. Vincent has a cousin born on the same day as him one year later so each little boy got their own little cake.

I just made this cake last week for my little brothers 13th birthday.

I'm not a big cake eater but I love to decorate them so if I randomly drop a cake off to your house I hope that's okay.


Genevieve Beck said...

My issue is that I LOVE cake and especially frosting so decorating them just can't be a regular hobby for me, but they are so cute! I love the last one for your class and the cute basketballs! Hope things are going well--I miss you!

dan and linds said...

WOW! That is really cool, your cakes look great! I would love to learn how to do that someday, but I'm not artistic at all, so I don't think they'd turn out as good as yours :)