Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday, Birthday and Mothers Day

Last week was a very busy and fun week for our family. On Thursday we my birthday and I was given breakfast in bed and I got to open my presents. Then thanks for Vincent I was able to go back to sleep for awhile. I was able to try out my new Wii game which is very fun and listen to my new Lady Antebellum CD. Then that night my mother-in-law watch Vincent for us while we went to the Jordan River Temple. After the Temple we went and got some dinner at Costa Vida (I would eat there everyday if I could) and then picked up Vincent. (sorry we didn't take any pictures of me on my birthday, but I promise I still look the same as I did when I was 24)

On Saturday Vincent turned 2 years old and his cousin turned 1, so we had a big party for both of them. There was cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, cake, hot dogs and lots of other yummy food. I can't believe he's already two. I honestly didn't know if this day would ever come that we could celebrate his second birthday with him here. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and to have him doing so well. He is such a cute and fun little boy. Thanks everyone that was able to come.

I made these two little cakes so the boys could have their own birthday cakes to eat. Vincent didn't want anything to do with his and Clark was more interested in the fork than the cake. But I think they turned out pretty cute.

On Sunday was mothers day. I told Travis that he didn't need to make me breakfast in bed because he just did for my birthday. Plus we had pizza the night before so I really wanted to eat cold pizza for breakfast the next morning. What's better than cold pizza for breakfast... NOTHING! We had a relaxing morning and Vincent was pretty good at church. He slept most of the last hour and when it was over I got two chocolate turtles which I ate on the way home with out sharing. We had a wonderful dinner, watched a movie and Travis got me a beautiful picture of the Salt Lake Temple. Thanks to all the mom's out there that have been apart of our lives and Thanks Travis for changing all the diapers and feeding Vincent all day.
I love the Temple picture. I have a friend that teaches classes on how to make them and I'm so excited that I have one now. Thanks Maddie!

I'm not that big on cake and I knew we were going to have left over cake from Vincent's birthday so Travis got me this yummy chocolate and caramel pie. We actually forgot about it on my birthday and by the time we remembered it was 10:30 PM so we waited until Sunday at 9 PM to eat it :)


Tara said...

so fun Amy! These pics make me sad and happy at the same time! I love your temple picture! I looks like you had one heck of a week! I miss you!

Robyn said...

That pie looks so good! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day and birthday! I'm especially glad we got to share Vincent's b-day with him!

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

Happy Birthday to you all, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!! I love that you ate your turtles and didn't share, that made me laugh! MY hubby and now my child are always trying to steal my treats....or should I saw manipulate them away from me!

Adam and Brittany said...

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day! The party looked like a fun time.

Holly said...

re's the other pix, Amy. If there's something you'd like edited, just give me the number. ;D
Love YOU!!

darinangel said...

What a fun celebration. I love Travis's matching flip flops.