Monday, February 8, 2010


My dad just emailed me a picture of Vincent swimming in his pool from last summer and it made me have spring/summer fever even more. It's such a cute picture I had to post it too. Vincent looks like he's cheering. I can't wait until this summer and I can take him swimming again.


Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

I am so with you on that! I can't wait for summer time!! We need to get together. What is your schedule like?

Melody and Lance said...

That pic just gave me spring/summer fever as well... that looks like lots of fun!!

Adam and Brittany said...

Does your dad still live in that same house in the Terrace with the pool?? I have fun memories of swimming in that pool, so fun. Oh, I can't wait for sunny days at the park and pool, I need to get out of this house!! If you get together with Carly, invite me =) I'd love to see you both.