Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ouray Colorado

For the 4Th of July weekend we went to Ouray, Colorado with Travis' dad and step mom and stayed in their cabin. We had such a great time there. Here is a little play by play of what we did.

Wednesday: We left at about 5:15, this was the longest car ride we have ever taken with Vincent. He did pretty good but didn't love the car ride. Once we got to Ouray around 12 AM I got Vincent ready for bed while Travis brought our stuff in from the car and then Vincent decided to throw up everywhere. Nice, by the time we got everything cleaned up and in bed it was about 1:30.
Thursday: We went on some trails in the Jeep. Vincent feel asleep in my arms and started to cry every time we had to stop. Even though he slept most of the time it wore him out so much that he feel asleep at 6PM.
Friday: Travis and his dad went four wheeling. The girls and Vincent decided to stay back because I didn't think Vincent would like to be on a four wheeler for that long (4hours) and Because he went to bed so early the night before neither of us got much sleep so we took a long nap. Once the boys got back we went all went swimming and once again Vincent loved it. He was so funny in the pool. Next time I take him swimming I am going to bring my video camera. After that we all went to dinner (Vincent slept through it, very nice) and then went and got some ice cream. While we were eating our ice cream this couple came by and said they thought Vincent was cute and they bought him a sucker for "when he gets older" is what they said. It was really cute.
Saturday: we wore up and watch the parade and then Travis and I were able to go on the four wheelers alone and have a great time. Vincent did great while we were gone too. Then that night we went and watch the fireworks.
All in all we had a great time!
p.s. the pictures are not in order.


Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

HI amy!! THat looks like a super fun trip!! We know about long rides with our little stinker, she is 1 1/2 months older than vincent and hates the car!! Will you leave me your email address so I can invite you to my blog?
Carly Wood(Cable)

Dallas said...

Where are your helmets?

Tara said...

so much fun, isn't it so pretty!

Raimo and Jessica Laitinen said...

love the baby mirror in the car! so awesome. cute pics!

Kate Smith said...

I was totally logging on to ask where your helmets were. Looks like Dallas, as usual, beat me. You can borrow some helmets from us next time.