Sunday, November 23, 2008

BYU-Utah Game

I will not make any excuses for our huge loss to the University of Utah, however I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience in attending a game at Rice-Eccles Stadium while dressed in Cougar gear.

I had the following tossed at me:
10 lemonheads
6 rolled-up posters
1 bottle of alcohol

My group of BYU fans had the following tossed at them:
Approximately 50 lemonheads
Approximately 30 posters
6 drinks
Alcohol was poured on them
Popcorn was poured on us
A burrito was thrown among several other various items

I alse experienced the following:
Somebody spit on me
Somebody blew cigarette smoke in my face 4 times
Somebody blew pot smoke in my face 1 time

I heard the following chants from groups of at least 30
F___ the mormons
F___ BYU (this group was approximately 10,000)
F___ Joseph Smith

I'd like to reiterate that the Utah Utes were a great football team and there was not an excuse for our loss, but the fans were classless, confrontational, and vulgar. I made it a point to talk to 6 different fans in our 100 person vicinity that did not pick fights, insult my religion, and throw stuff at us.


Jeff, Camille and Children said...

sorry! Travis I wish they were nicer to you but i still like the u of u


amber schmidt said...

GEEZ!! That's crazy! The game must have been intense!

Tara said...

thats so bad! sorry you had a bad experience!

Malia said...

Hey Amy! Scott and I went to the game, too...thankfully the fans immediately around us didn't do any of those things except throw candy at me. However, when we left I have NEVER been treated with so much disrespect in my life. Not sure what there is to be proud of as one of their fans...I would be totally embarrassed.

Dallas said...

I've linked to this post from my blog.

Rachel and Brady said...

Oh my gosh, that is horrible! What awful fans!

Shannon Smith said...

I'm just glad the game is over.

I find my feelings regarding the presidential election and the BYU vs Utah game are much the same.

People talking about and hyping it for so long

The actual event takes place and there is a winner like it or not there's not anything you can do to change the results

After a few days of talking about it all, we move on with our life.

I'm ready to move on.

Robyn said...

That's what I dislike about a portion of Ute fans...I think rather than being pro-U of U, they are anti-Mormon. Nice! Get a life and leave the church out of football!

Oh, and I agree, BYU stunk it up on the field. Too bad.

Kanion said...

Just goes to show you! BYU ROCKS! I'm sorry all that happened to you Amy! Not fun! Like it has anything to do with Joseph Smith or our religion. It's a football game! People make me sick! Thanks for posting this! People need to know!

The Sohm's said...

Thayne and Jordan went to the game too and I decided not to and I am so glad. They were saying the most horrible things to them and one old lady kept hitting them in the back. Thayne said it was horrible and he would never go back to that stadium. I am sorry that happened to you guys that stinks

Claudemir and Corbi Lima said...

wow guys! thats pretty incredible! im impressed that you were able to keep count!!! :D love you guys! how are things?! amy write me soon!!! love ya!