Monday, October 27, 2008


My mother in law has this cute little walker and I put Vincent in it yesterday. I didn't think he would sit up in it very well. He's not very strong, but he did so good. I was really amazed. He liked being in it too. He looked like such a big boy. The toys on the walker are a little to far for him to reach. When he does reach them he is leaning to far forward so I had to give him a toy to play with so he can sit back.
His legs aren't long enough to touch the ground yet but I think he liked being able to kick them all over the place.


Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

What a stud! He looks like he is too cool for us in that first picture. So cute.

The Shreeve Family said...

he loves it! that was so nice of Jan to get that for you!