Tuesday, July 1, 2008

puppy slippers

My sister has a little boy that is about six months older than Vincent so she has given me the 0-3 month clothes that her little boy doesn't fit into anymore. In those two boxes of clothes were some little puppy slippers that I think are so cute. So I had to take a picture of them.

I finally got a picture of him smiling. He has been smiling a lot lately but by the time I get the camera...actually by the time I say look he's smiling, he stops. So I was really excited to get this picture.


amber schmidt said...

I remember with landon I took a whole roll of film trying to get him smiling... who knows why I wasn't using our digital one. But all the funny expressions he was making are my favorite pics of him! Have a happy 4th!

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

He is so cute! You look great by the way.

Kanion said...

Hey Amy! He is darling! You look great too! I miss you, Happy 4th of July!