Monday, May 19, 2008

First Doctor Visit

Vincent had his first Doctors visit today. He is 6 lb and 12 oz 21 1/2 inches long. The Doctor said he is looks like he is doing great. He said they like to see babies to be at birth weight by the time they are a month old and his Doctor said if he keeps eating like he has been there shouldn't been any reason why he wont be back to his birth weight by then. Vincent was pretty good while we were there until they had to prick his foot to get some blood. He didn't like that at all but it was over pretty quick. He has been eating really well and smiles a lot in his sleep. I gave him his first bath in his bath tub (I have just been sponge bathing him) and he liked it. He didn't like the part where I had to get him out of the nice warm water. But once I got the towel around him he was happy again.


Shea said...

Such a cutie! I'm glad your first appointment went well. by the way, our blog is

The Shreeve Family said...

I am so Glad that everything is going well with vince.

Pix Plus said...

Such a SWEETIE!!

Now your dad has a blog too!

This is the picture e used, too! Too CUTE!

Robyn said...

I just love that little guy! I got him some cute stuff that I'll have to bring by!

Richard said...

My blog address is
I got your comment but it came to my old blog. So we deleated the old one and now your comments should come to my new blog.

Ereka said...

He is so sweet! I want to hold him again!